Online Journalism: Fall 2009


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Web Video: links & additional material

Examples of web video storytelling: a new medium for journalism
Vigil for teen crash victim
More than a mailman
The Boda Boda Motorbikes of Kenya
World Pillow Fight Day
Flick’s Mobile Home Park

Finding your audience and your stride case study: Wine Library TV
Wine Library TV: episode one
Wine Library TV: episode 587 (he’s almost 100 episodes up on this one now)

Additional references
Mindy McAdam’s excellent pointers on making good web videos
iMovie Tutorials These are specific to iMovie 6, but they’re an excellent primer for basic editing, produced by colleagues in the journalism department here.
Mastering Multimedia a great blog written by a video journalist for the Spokesman Review.
Multimedia shooter a site with tons of references to great multimedia journalism and tons of tech.


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Really and truly, you guys did fantastic work today. You should all be proud.


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board captures

By now you’re probably well on your way through prototype testing, but in case you wanted to reference your boards for additional inspiration, here they are.

(click on images to get full-size)

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Your Proposals: Capitol Letters

A half-hour of ideation to help the Capitol Letters Writing Center in Washington DC find a creative and effective way of engaging the community of Columbia Heights.

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Your Blogs: link ’em up

Set up a single-subject blog (subject of your choosing) one of of these two blogging platforms:


Please post a link to your blog, along with a description of what the theme is and your approach to that theme.

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