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Lecture links & Additional readings 11-13-09

Writing for the Web
Writing Persuasive Content

Page Rank
Page Rank Checker
As of October 30, the sites with PRs of 10

Search Engine Optimization
The Basics of Search Engine Optimization
Writing for Search Engine Optimization
Creating the Curious/Known combo headline
An excellent critique of the SEO “industry”

Calls to Action
Creating effective calls to action
37Signals tests calls to action

Flickr’s clear calls to action
37 Signals answers basic questions fast
Culinary Culture makes the sale


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For Discussion: Rupert Murdoch’s Paywall

This Week, NewsCorp’s Rupert Murdoch announced that he would pull all newscorp content out of Google’s search index once his company’s paywalls were ready to go.

Here’s what the Wall Street Journal (a NewsCorp company) had to say.

Here’s TechCrunch’s take

And here’s the New York Times’ roundup of other’s opinions

What’s YOUR opinion? Is this crazy? Is it smart?

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Readings, links, + reactions 10-30-09

Two readings today, about local news.
What Newspapers Still Don’t Understand About The Web
The Chicago News Collaborative that’s just been announced.

And one link, at a pretty amazing “deep dive” created by WTTW’s Chicago Tonight:
Facing the Mortgage Crisis. Make sure to dig into the many aspects of this deep, deep site.

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readings, links, + reactions 10-23-09

In class next week, we’ll be getting our hands dirty with code. Here are two good reasons why:
Why Journalists Should Learn to Code
Be Not Afraid: Journalists Should Learn Code

Additionally, we will start our weekly discussion of topics in online journalism. We’ll talk about social media and journalism next week. Please read this story: NPR to Social Media: Bring It On (be sure to click through on the links in the article as well).
And visit these three Twitter accounts: LA Times Fires | Planet Money | Colonel Tribune


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Readings, Links + Reactions for 9-25-09

study shows texting the preferred communication medium of college students

A great overview of paper prototyping
Some good tips for prototyping
Why low-fi prototyping kicks ass
A shorthand for designing UI flows

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Readings and links for 9-18-09

Be sure to post your reactions in the comments!!

How Real News Organizations fit into the online news model
The End of the Drudge Era?
Q&A with Clay Shirky on Twitter and Iran.

Diego Rodriguez’s “innovation principles” are indispensable. For this week, read the first two:
Experience the world instead of talking about experiencing the world
See and hear with the mind of a child

Plus–and this branches between Design Thinking & Online Journalism–a note from the creator of the Pulitzer-Winning Politifact about the design process: Demos, Not Memos

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