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Analytics & Affiliates: links

Analytics: Understanding Where they’re coming from
Google Analytics
Beginning Analytics video
Analytics basics
The Death of the Page View
Google Analytics for WordPress Plug-in

Make Modest Money: Simple ad programs
Google Adsense
iTunes Affiliates
Amazon Associates

Raise Money


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Lecture links & Additional readings 11-13-09

Writing for the Web
Writing Persuasive Content

Page Rank
Page Rank Checker
As of October 30, the sites with PRs of 10

Search Engine Optimization
The Basics of Search Engine Optimization
Writing for Search Engine Optimization
Creating the Curious/Known combo headline
An excellent critique of the SEO “industry”

Calls to Action
Creating effective calls to action
37Signals tests calls to action

Flickr’s clear calls to action
37 Signals answers basic questions fast
Culinary Culture makes the sale

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lecture links 10-30-09

Powerful copy & paste programming
Custom RSS gadget
(the rest of the Gadgets site is filled with usefull/useless elements you can integrate into your site as well
Google Web Elements
Google Web Elements offers some really great stand-alone elements that offer customizability and simplicity.
Google Friend Connect
Google Friend Connect takes this same copy-and-past idea to the extreme: build fully functional social sites with nothing but copied code.

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lecture links 10-23-09

Party like it’s 1994: The original website for Mosaic, the browser that changed everything.

Firebug, the Firefox add-on that lets you dig into site structure and design.

Bespin, the online text editor. Free and great

CSS Zen Garden an incredible resource for downloadable CSS-based site designs. Don’t just take it out of the can, but look at what they’re doing and borrow code to tweak and customize and learn.

Color Picker a very intuitive web app to pick HTML-ready colors.

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group collaboration tools

the google suite
Google Docs
Google Calendar
Google Sites

the social networks

collaboration-focused tools

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Paper Prototyping examples

A basic paper prototype:

Complexity in paper:

OK, really, this is JUST PLAIN AWESOME:

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Lecture Links 9-11-09

Our friends, Capitol Letters.

Clay Shirky’s Here Comes Everybody is one of the best books about this transitionary time we live in. You should read it. Really.

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class documents

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