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Google: Where we’re going

Hey folks, so tomorrow’s the big day. We’re going to Google!

Please be there NO LATER than 12:45 so we can get through their security and be ready to go at 1:00.

I will be bringing a Mac Laptop with Keynote and Powerpoint on it, if you need them.

Here’s where we’re headed:

SEE YOU AT 12:45!!


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stuff from today

Here’s a link to the Kutiman “deep dive” page I demoed in class today. Want to see the source? It’s as simple as View>Page Source in Firefox.

And here’s a link to the gibberish example page I built in class. Again, View>Page Source, or Firebug, is your friend.

A word of encouragement: HTML is confusing and CSS is confusing and together they are massively confusing. But I promise you: they make sense, once you understand their internal logic, and every minute you spend frustrated in front of a monitor pays off as the curious logic begins to unfold in front of you. And, once it does, it gets exponentially easier.

Another word of encouragement: The same way you’re not expected to memorize the entire AP style guide, you’re also not expected to memorize a hundred different HTML tags or CSS properties, especially the esoteric ones. You just need to know where to look. First stop? HTML Dog. Second Stop? Google. Third stop? Me.


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HTML and CSS reference guides

The best reference site that I’ve found to help you with grasping both basic and advanced HTML and CSS is a site called HTML Dog.

It not only includes a number of very good tutorials for people working at beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels, it also includes a complete reference for both HTML tags and CSS properties, complete with examples of use.

Bookmark it, and use it regularly. The best way to learn this stuff is to simply try it out and look at how other sites do it using a tool like Firebug.

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