Online Journalism: Fall 2009


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For next week: Your Content Strategy

Knowing that the content you create and the calls to action you craft are crucial to creating an engaging site for your users, I want you to create a document that outlines some specific content you’re planning for your site and the calls to action you will use to bring users into your site. Please prepare a report that documents the following:

1) Your site idea, explained in one succinct sentence.

2) Who the users are of your site, explained in no more than two sentences.

3) Expected interactions: Why are people coming and what do they do when they get there. Give five specific examples.

4) 20 specific pieces of content for your site. These can be content pieces across media (text, video, data, maps, etc), but need to be specific. I.E. It’s not about “restaurant reviews” but about “a review of Restaurant X, which will talk about A,B, and C so that users are able to D E and F.”

5) Three clear calls to action for your site that will engage a user and model expected behavior. Sketch these out so that you are thinking visually, not just thinking about the copy. How do you illustrate these ideas? How do the illustrations help?

This report should be turned into class next week and should be signed by all members of your group.


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