Online Journalism: Fall 2009


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Here’s a link to the Kutiman “deep dive” page I demoed in class today. Want to see the source? It’s as simple as View>Page Source in Firefox.

And here’s a link to the gibberish example page I built in class. Again, View>Page Source, or Firebug, is your friend.

A word of encouragement: HTML is confusing and CSS is confusing and together they are massively confusing. But I promise you: they make sense, once you understand their internal logic, and every minute you spend frustrated in front of a monitor pays off as the curious logic begins to unfold in front of you. And, once it does, it gets exponentially easier.

Another word of encouragement: The same way you’re not expected to memorize the entire AP style guide, you’re also not expected to memorize a hundred different HTML tags or CSS properties, especially the esoteric ones. You just need to know where to look. First stop? HTML Dog. Second Stop? Google. Third stop? Me.



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