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Readings, links, + reactions 10-30-09

Two readings today, about local news.
What Newspapers Still Don’t Understand About The Web
The Chicago News Collaborative that’s just been announced.

And one link, at a pretty amazing “deep dive” created by WTTW’s Chicago Tonight:
Facing the Mortgage Crisis. Make sure to dig into the many aspects of this deep, deep site.


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  1. Megan Owen says:

    I think that the commentary in “What Newspapers Still Don’t Understand About the Web” is spot on. It’s interesting that the newspaper’s first reaction was to point out, “Well see, if you had been logged in, and done this and that etc…THEN you would have fond what you need.” I think this blogger was pretty correct in saying that not many people log in or spend too much time digging around on newspaper websites. Considering all the popular opinion and data that supports this, I’m surprised that newspapers are not making more of an expedient effort to create a new model.

    In terms of the Chicago New Collaborative — honestly, I don’t really get it. Maybe it’s just me missing something obvious. I understand that it’s supposed to be all of these news outlet working together in a “new” and “innovative” way…but what way? I don’t understand what the collective is actually going to DO.

    And, lastly, I thought the deep dive on the mortgage crisis was very informative, especially on a local level. My knowledge of finances is pretty much limited to knowing when my bills are due, and managing student loans – yet I was still able to gain a better understanding of the different aspects of the crisis by digging into these links.

  2. I agree, the comments–and his responses–were as illuminating, if not more, than the article. The role of the journalist is definitely changing. Or perhaps, as a “news gatherer”, it’s not changing, but the actual original writing component is lessening.

    The news collaborative excites me. Someone posted a link to an interview with O’Shea in the comments that I recommend you all watch. I don’t know about this ‘pay for content’ approach, but it isn’t exactly a pay just for site content thing. There is more to it. In the end, it will depend to a large extent on who else he brings in and consults with.

    The deep dive WTTW site was amazing.

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