Online Journalism: Fall 2009


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Your Work for Next Week

For next week you need to do further testing on paper prototypes until they work “right.” Then build a hi-rez prototype that ads more detail and interactive functionality. This can be done using the tool of your choice.

You will be giving a walkthrough of this prototype as part of a larger presentation next week. That presentation also entails:

at least two slides introducing your idea and explaining the concept. Slides work better without too much text!

a five minute presentation that:
1) explains the idea clearly and succinctly.
2) talks a bit about the interactions that went into testing, and the results from it.
3) introduces the final prototype, in a walkthrough.

In addition to this presentation, you will also turn in, both to the StuComm folks and to me, a written report, of around 800 words that:

1) explains in detail the concept of the site:
–what does it set out to accomplish?
–how does it engage students?
–what is the end goal?

2) steps through the process for arriving at this idea: what were the insights that you gained from observations? How did they drive the development?

3) Mentions things learned from the prototyping & testing process

4) Gives a narrative walkthrough of the application: be specific and include detail: who is the student? what are they trying to accomplish? what is the experience like?


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