Online Journalism: Fall 2009


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Your Blogs: link ’em up

Set up a single-subject blog (subject of your choosing) one of of these two blogging platforms:


Please post a link to your blog, along with a description of what the theme is and your approach to that theme.


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  1. Evan Minsker says:

    Five Tunes –

    This is a project started by me (the writer) and my friend Tyler Nickell (the illustrator) this past April. The blog is dedicated to introducing people to music. Sometimes it’s an obscure single from the ’60s, sometimes it’s “world” music, and sometimes it’s a new garage band. The way it works is an artist, primarily artists who are emerging or “under-the-radar,” will send us the names of five songs they’ve been listening to. Then, we embed each song on the page. We try our best to feature artists who are playing in town that week or have a new release out in order to keep a timeliness hook to it. To date, we’ve posted 59 lists and have a few more in the can.

  2. Musings-

    This is a blog dedicated to anything having to do with food, wine, dining, cooking, even gardening. Those are all things that I do quite alot, so sometimes this blog will be sort of train-of-thought, or a journal of places I eat, wines I drink, dining trends or new restaurants that have just opened, maybe even recipes that I invent or experiment with. This is a new thing for me so, this blog will probably evolve in a lot of ways. I will also be putting pictures up because I really like food photography, too.

  3. Annye says:

    Sweet & Savory

    Food, food, food. Where I eat it, how I cook it, what I love about it.

    • That cupcake post was fabulous! I have really been meaning to get to Molly’s, I just never knew exactly where it was, and I really should not be eating cupakes anyway. But, there is this place called Swirlz and they also have awesome cupcakes! You should totally check it out.

  4. Megan Owen says:

    Vegan Germs
    Another food blog…but this one is all about vegan food! Recipes for and photos of foods I like to make. Concentration on cheap and time-conscious recipes, and probably baked goods.

  5. jeffbiertzer says:

    It’s football season. And I think everybody needs a weekly preview and review of the Green Bay Packers.

  6. Laura Kozak says:

    1000 Terrible Things

    A counter point to 1000 Awesome Things blog. Posts on current events and all things that fall under the “terrible” category using the same blog style as Awesome. Much more under the “About” section on the site.

  7. chiwoj85 says:

    My site will be about some of the things I love most: high school and college sports

  8. Mark Hertvik says:

    Oh Yeah?!

    It’s a politics blog where I blog my responses to other (mostly professional) commentators and address them directly. This format of “debate” is a Stephen Colbert-inspired satire of our pundit class, where politics is very personal, visceral, and anti-intellectual. I borrowed the feminist slogan “the personal is political” – mine is “where the political gets personal.”

  9. Margaret Smith says:

    The Twenty-One: Twenty-One Things to Learn About Turning 21 (and Then Some)

    Since my 21st birthday is at the end of the semester, I decided it would be fun to write a blog about the things you should know about turning 21. I’ll be asking older friends, family members and anybody else what they did on their 21st birthday, what it was like and what they think I need to know about the big day. These can be anything from drinking anecdotes to lessons in life. I also hope to talk to a few bartenders and add in recipes for good cocktails and martinis, as well, so I can start compiling a list for the big day!

  10. kaguilar379 says:

    My blog will be mainly voiced towards the “second generation” Hispanics, U.S. citizens whose parents are foreign born. Latinos in this generation have a different view of seeing the world then their parents. We live in the time of the boosting of technology. In a world where opportunities are available for us and have available resources around us. We live in the time of the Iphone.

    While I still do remain a bit Americanized I still contain that smudge of Latino blood flowing in my blood. I like being informed of certain issues that my ethnic groups are talking about and interested in knowing.

    This blog will deal with issues that the “second generation” latinos are questioning about or in impacted by. Talking about social, political, religious or anything being presented to the Hispanic community.

    • kaguilar379 says:

      Okay so I decided to make a new blog. Check out it out!


      Many shoppers are finding themselves with less money in their pockets to splurge on. Money has gotten tight when it comes to getting a new outfit. I mean Of course it is, with an economy this bad who could afford spending big bucks on luxury items. I know I can’t, but don’t worry mates I will give you an inside scope on what’s hip and happening and keep it within your budget.
      So take your wallet out and get ready to shop and save big bucks. You’ll see postings on how to dress in-style like a celebrity. And gossip on what’s going on in the fashion industry.

  11. jge37 says:

    This is my first blogging attempt, ever, so please bare with me. I’d like to start by introducing myself, I’m a junior at Columbia College Chicago striving for a major in journalism with a concentration in magazine. I’ve read several blogs in the past but am still a little unsure of how to go about writing my own. I have several ideas of what I want to write about and most all of them are a product of the entertainment world. As much as I hate perez hilton and other celebrity gossip websites, I find myself going to his page more often than oasis. I am fascinated by celebrities, for example the social trainwreck Lindsay Lohan. I am on the edge of my seat awaiting her next slip up. So I fear my blog will focus on the celebrity world because I have a secret fascination with it and hope to find others who do.

  12. jge37 says:

    Anyone who watched the first five minutes of the video music awards knows what I am going to be talking about. Poor sweet innocent Taylor Swift was the most recent victim of Kanye West’s ego. And for those of you who didn’t watch the “vmas” which I’m sure there are a lot of you, I will describe to you what happened. Taylor Swift was on the stage to accept her award for best music video when Kanye West stormed the stage, stole her mic, and continued to rant and rave about Beyonce having the best video of the year or century or whatever. Now I’m not really a fan of either Taylor or Kanye but I thought the situation called for a little attention. Unless it was staged, like the bruno and eminem dibacle, the whole scene seemed sad. You couldn’t help but feel bad for Taylor Swift, who was obviously humiliated, you could tell by her dumbfounded expression, her mouth gaping open, and then she basically ran off the stage, same expression still painting her face. I hope Kanye’s team can type up a quick apology, and hopefully his appearance on Jay Leno won’t present yet another soapbox for him to preach on.

  13. Sorry guys, I am coming late. I proposed a photo blog. To meet the one-subject requirement I suggested a “visual exploration of the diversity of religious experience in Chicago,” where I would spend a week or two photographing a religious institute — buddhist temples on the north side, churches on the south and west side, the mosque in wrigleyville that just opened. Sounded like a great idea and I was excited, but with 16 credits of writing and photo intensive classes and a part-time job, I was shooting for too much.

    So here is option #2, a blog about/covering city council. I plan on covering meetings, interviewing aldermen and others with ideas or relevant things to say about city council. This will a) help with research I am doing for another class and b) possibly be incorporated into the website of the paper I interned with over the summer. Hope some of you enjoy it.

    Interview 1: 32nd ward alderman Scott Waguespack.

    also – does anyone know how to change the address? This used to be a different blog called palimpsest press, but now I want it to be the city council blog, tentatively called suite 201 (where city council meets).


  14. vbbg says:

    This is the URL for he blog, the last was for the entry.

  15. Stillmaker says:

    My blog is going to be discussing film, tv and the subsiding aspects of the industry. Reviews of current programming will not be my mine focus, although it will occur. I plan on digging out some classics and critiquing them. Business trends, recommendations and auteur analysis will also be aspects I wish to cover. Hollywood is one of the largest booming industries- only it’s been that way since it debuted, so maybe we should pay closer attention.

  16. jge37 says:

    It seems the newest trend in Hollywood is untimely deaths. Many celebrities have passed away recently, from Michael Jackson to Farah Fawcett, and many people have different reactions. Some cry, and in the instance of MJ, listen to their albums religiously claiming they were always his #1 fan. I guess it depends on the person, whether the death of a celebrity will matter or not. And I know it sounds ludicrous to mourn them because let’s face it we didn’t know them. Probably had never even seen them in person. But there’s something about Patrick Swayze’s death that irks me. Although I certainly did not know him, never had a conversation with him, my only relationship with him was through his movies. I feel that he was a genuine person, which is rare in Tinsletown. I think it derives from the fact that he stayed out of the public spotlight and didn’t use it as a stage to further his career. After reading countless articles about his life and death, it would be hard to find a magazine right now without his mug on the cover, I feel like I know him. I also respect and admire his 34-year marriage, another rarity in Hollywood. And it goes without saying that his dedication to his work, most recently his role on the A & E series The Beast, despite going through rigorous chemotherapy treatments, is yet another reason to admire him. I just hope he’s remembered in a different light than some of the celebrities who have died recently. I look forward to the upcoming release of Swayze and his wife’s autobiography, appropriately entitled The Time of My Life.

  17. jge37 says:

    Fall is here and with that comes countless new series premiering on TV. You would have to quit your job to catch every one, and I certainly can not afford to do that. But one that I regrettably did not miss was Courtney Cox’s new show, Cougartown. The name alone should have deterred me. But my sick fascination with celebrities kept me from changing the channel. Within the first 15min you can see Cox in her bra and underwear flashing a junior high boy. The show was mostly over exaggerated jokes, and sexual innuendos. I was really rooting for Courtney after her show Dirt was canceled after the first season. Maybe it’s my love of the show Friends that I want to see her succeed, but it looks like she can’t on the small screen. Maybe she should aim her sights higher and try and nab a big budget movie, other than Click. I wouldn’t suggest this show to anyone, not even an inspiring “cougar.” The show is more of a how not, instead of a how to.

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